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My Story

Later, one of my friends suggested that to fine-tune my skills of counseling. I get professional training as a life coach and that sounded like the perfect answer. That was one of the transformational things that happened in my life. The life-coach training  helped me discover my inner power codes and true potential. The tools & techniques helped me to get out of my comfort zone and reprogram my mind to achieve my desired goals.

In 2019, I got married and moved to Australia. I am happy to share that one life coaching program changed my entire outlook on life. In Australia, I joined an investment bank to gain some international experience; however, my language venture is still on. I am enjoying my banking experience as well as running my successful venture in India & managing my second passion for being a life coach.

From a fearful person to a confident person. 

From a person who was always in a comfort zone and hated to take a risks, I pushed all the boundaries to create my new self.

I fought the odds and embraced my life's goal. 


And I'm here to help you do the same 

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